About Us

Hello Fashionista!

Welcome to Meraki B! My name is Brenda and I am the owner of Meraki B. I grew up in fashion working by my mom's side at her boutique and going to every market. In seeing my mom put such passion into wanting to treat every person equal and help them pick out the perfect outfit for every occasion made my passion grow for the industry.  Unfortunately, she fell ill and had to close her boutique. I was too young to run the boutique on my own and started to fall in love with another passion in taking care of people and that led me to the medical field.  Fast forward and life happened. I had 4 beautiful children and a whole different career.  But something has always brought me back to the world of fashion.  It was my passion.  I loved the look when you help someone find that perfect outfit that makes them feel beautiful. I loved the feeling of excitement on new items and sharing them with others. Now I get to work with my daughter in our own family run online boutique in sunny California. We named it Meraki B.  Which meraki means to your whole heart and soul into something and B for my name. I hope you love our picks as much as we do and it can bring another special way of adding something to your closet.